GASTROPUB from Marks and Spencer

It’s all in the name….

from marks

….and sometimes the music…

We fancied a January challenge so when we were asked if we’d like to try out the Gastropub range from Marks and Spencer it was a case of  “well….urm…hang on a minute, should we? Are we calorie counting – NO, is it freezing – YES, do we need #comfortfood – YES, by the bucket load – YESSSSSS’. So that was that decision made.

Marks and spencer gastropubWe love cooking from scratch at the Towers but occasionally isn’t it nice/convenient just to have dinner made for you? Yes it is.

Sometimes life gets the better of you and even though we’d love to be able to say we NEVER EVER buy ready meals, we’d be lying. So there it is, a confessional from Monkfish Towers.  Last week we were able to do Beef Bourguignon on a wednesday night, result. We dined on Slow cooked venison and pork ragu with a potato and cauliflower gratin on Friday night. And we had double yoker (YESSSS) soft boiled scotch eggs for lunch on Saturday. This was a dream of a week! This was a marks and spencer gastropub week.

There was time to catch up on Spiral Series 2 (gripping…and yes, we’re a tad behind) AND time to write blog posts, heaven.

So, was it any good? Well yes, actually it was. Not in a blow your mind, WOW, this is the best beef bourguignon we’ve ever had. And that’s not something that the gastropub range is trying to be.  But what it is, and what we think it is, is a well thought out selection/range of dishes using good ingredients, fairly rich but comforting meals, and great quality food to eat at home when life gets the better of you.

And it seems that a few fellow food bloggers think the same too. Niamh Shields, eatlikeagirl.com has appeared in one of the recent M&S YouTube films, view it HERE. Mmm, maybe Mrs M might get the call soon too, she’s always up for a wee TV spot every now and again….

NOTE: We’ve always liked food from Marks so were more than happy to sample their delights and let you know what we thought. This isn’t just food…. 🙂

AND A FURTHER NOTE: Stuck for Valentine’s Day ideas? Can’t be bothered to cook? Nope? Well neither can Mr Monkfish so Mrs M is sending him to pick up ‘Dine in for £20’ as apparently there are some runny Scotch eggs for the taking….let’s have it! Dinner from Marks again…..

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