The BIG dinner

7th March 2015
The BIG dinner

We want to give a shout out this week to The Big Dinner which is happening on 7th March 2015. It’s about eating, drinking, and socialising, something we do every day, well, maybe not the drinking bit…although Mrs M is still hitting the sherry despite the festive season being well behind us…..

The BIG dinner is a 500 miles initiative to raise £500,000 in a single night to help people with mobility difficulties in Malawi and Zambia to live independent lives. 500 miles provides artificial limbs and braces for people with disabilities of the limbs and spine.

The concept of the BIG dinner is simple – host a dinner, at home, at a friend’s house, at a venue, invite people to dine with you, ask them to donate some money for all your hard work, job done.

Scared of cooking in case something goes wrong…fear not, what’s wrong with the takeaway round the corner. Who said you have to cook? It would be great if you did but hey, don’t worry if you can’t. Ask your friend to bring the dessert, there’s nothing wrong with posh beans on toast, there’s also nothing wrong with a 5 course fine dining menu if that’s your thing. Whatever your thing is it will be great because you did it. And your friends will love you as they didn’t have to cook but you could always get them to wash up.

Once you’ve registered your dinner online you’ll be able to link up to the online broadcasts hosted by Fred Macauley on 7th March. One will go out at 7:30pm and the other at 10:30pm so you can plan your hosting around that.

There is absolutely tonnes of info on the BIG dinner website plus some great short films featuring all sorts of people including a rather romantic liaison between Ian Rankin and Hardeep Singh Kohli. Crumbs, if that’s not enough to get you to sign up then nothing will be….

We’ll be featuring more about the BIG dinner on as the 7th March draws near including what we’ll be doing on the night itself. We are currently plotting and planning…..

In the meantime head on over to for more.


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