Jelly & Gin are your new best friends….period. They create ‘unforgettable edible adventures’ unlike any other ‘edible adventures’ you’ll have been to in Edinburgh (and beyond…). Their events are ‘happenings’ and are so unusual and unique you’ll never have experienced anything like it before….and ones that you’ll talk about forever because they are that good.

jellyandgin.PR.222If you haven’t heard of Jelly & Gin before then let’s hope this blog post will change all that. They’ve just won a Creative Edinburgh award for Best Start-Up business and you only need to look at their recent successes to see why.
We’ve been to quite a few of their events, we talked about Create:Eat:Whisky earlier in the year which was one of the most unique whisky tasting experiences we’ve ever been to.

Their upcoming adventure is called Watch & Wolf, a multi sensory cinema experience….think about the 4D IMAX experience at Eurodisney then immediately ‘dump that thought’ and book tickets for this instead, you won’t be disappointed. Tickets are available via the Jelly & Gin website.
Find them on Facebook @jellyandginproductions and Twitter @jellyandgin

Photo credits Luigi De Pasquale 

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