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Stacked; overhead with Hipstamatic; overhead with Instagram. Various choices of filters and lenses, I can’t reveal ALL my secrets…these cookies were crying out to be stacked (and chomped).

I (Mrs M) have been baking my favourite cookies this morning…not to eat…oh no…just to take photos and experiment with Hipstamatic, Instagram et al. There’s a growing number of amaaaazing food photographers on Instagram and I’m wanting to be up there as one of them. I’ve got a way to go but I know what I like, I just need to be able to produce what I like..

Tomorrow I’m running a Tweet What You Eat workshop at Restaurant Mark Greenaway alongside Paul Copper Mango Johnston. In the space of two hours we’re going to bombard the participants with clever apps, effects, lighting, filters, tableware, composition. It’s going to be great fun. If anyone uses a flash they’ll be ejected toute de suite 😉

If it all goes rather swimmingly, which I’m sure it will, we’ll be running other workshops later in the year so watch this space. The Monkfish Mango collaboration will be out in force.

A select few Instagram junkies that I love:


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