So, Monkfish Monday….here’s three things you should be looking at, reading about, getting into, this week. A tad late innit…apologies…but the wordpress fairies sabotaged the site, not happy! However, a lovely techno dood sorted us out so here we are, alive and kicking and talking drawings, magazines and MAN vs MEAT.

Lucy Eldridge

Lucy is an illustrator living in Brighton with a penchant for biscuits, YES! She draws other things too.

Biscuit-Chart_o_1500Carrot-Cake_1500We’ve featured pics similar to this from the lovely Joel Penkman, we like them and thought you’d like to see them too. Click HERE to see more from Alice. And follow her on Twitter too @lucyeldridge24

Cereal mag

Love love love this magazine, read online sure but you need to hold it, feel it, and touch it to embrace it’s inner beauty! Volumes 1 and 2 are sold out (gggggrrrr) but volume 3 is available for 2 crispy sky divers, that’s a tenner to you. Pick one up and see more lovely pictures like this..


Follow them on twitter @cerealmag

And our last trend/tip for this week is…

King of the BBQ, how apt


If we ‘d managed to post this on Monday then we were all still enjoying the ‘summer’….a few thunderstorms later….however, as it’s not published till 1st August we’re letting you have a peek. Take advice from a MAN, none other than Mr Tim Hayward who will guide you (the man) to make everything for your BBQ from scratch. Running for the hills? Or Tesco?! Don’t!! This will make you the MAN OF THE HOUSE once and for all. Rule that roost!

Food-DIY-BBQ-Man-food-6-11Follow Tim Hayward on twitter here @timhayward

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