Ms Monkfish has a penchant for the phrase ‘super duper’ so stumbling across this today in the NYTimes Magazine was a little find. Not only does it coin the phrase ‘super duper’ it is in fact a food market chock full of cool food vendors from in and around NYC. Some from Brooklyn, some from Manhattan and others from California Bay. Only open for this weekend it’s literally ‘popping up’ then ‘popping off’ again. Soooo wish we lived in Manhattan today.

The Super Duper Market concept is that of Paper magazine’s Kim Hastreiter, who says that she’s gathered the ‘best of’ everything under one roof. The best olive oil, the best noodles, the best ice cream… Here’s a few of the vendors…click pics for links to their websites…

I’m thinking we should have a Super Duper Market over here…anyone interested? Mail Ms Monkfish pronto!

The Paper Magazine Super (Duper) Market is at 410 West 16th Street. Open Friday (11 a.m.-4 p.m.), Saturday (11-6 ) and Sunday (11-4)

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