Some of you maybe already know that mymonkfish is lucky enough to write for Honest Cooking dot com….well, we are very honoured to announce that overnight myself and the other writers of this brilliant website won BEST GROUP BLOG 2012. We are all extremely delighted. Kalle Bergman who started the site said…and we quote….

“We did it! We friggin’ did it! We actually won the 2012 Saveur Best Food Blog Awards for Best Group Blog! How amazing is that?? When we started this magazine a little over a year ago – and many of you were a part of it already back then – who could have known that we would get this far in such a short time? We had high ambitions, but this is truly amazing… Wow!”

So there you have it, Monkfish is a part of something very special and is very honoured to be a part of such an awesome team. If you’ve never come across Honest Cooking have a look now, it’s a whole new culinary adventure!

My Menu On Honest Cooking

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