We like to think we’re ahead of the food trends here at Monkfish Towers and we know that’s what keeps our fans happy 😉 …. So, when we declared Castle Terrace the ‘Monkfish Restaurant of the Year’ in early 2011 little did we know that we would be a whole 12 months ahead of the impending accolades.

A week ago our favourite fine dining ‘hangout’, Castle Terrace, was crowned with the coveted award ‘Scottish Restaurant of the Year 2012. Not only that (like that’s not enough), they also earned the title of Most Innovative Restaurant of the Year. 

Phew, top notch. Huge congratulations to Dominic Jack, Chef Patron of said ‘hangout’, still on a high from his Michelin star in October 2011. This boy is on a roll…

And just to prove that we’re not chef groupies and that we do actually eat out at the places we rave on about here’s a photographic journey of our recent ‘long lunch’ where the lovely Dominic treated us to a few extra courses to line our hungry tums.
[nggallery id=1]

We’re not the only ones raving on about Castle Terrace, you can read our fellow food bloggers ‘The Critical Couple’s’ review of Castle Terrace HERE. They awarded Dominic their own Michelin star (two in fact) long before he was crowned with one in October.

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