In true Bridget Jones style myself and Mr Predictable took a ‘mini break’  to the country a few weekends ago to the sunny Yorkshire Dales.  You could positively smell the fresh air!  Pulling out all the planning stops I could muster I booked us into a fabulous B&B aptly named ‘A Corner of Eden’ for Friday night and the ‘fairly posh’ ‘Hipping Hall’ for Saturday night.

A Corner of Eden certainly lived up to its name, it really was the bees knees.   Set in the glorious rolling hills of the dales near a small village called Low Stennerskeugh, with stunning views all around and quite literally no neighbours.  As city dwellers this was truly idyllic.  If the words ‘quiet’, ‘peaceful’, ‘welcoming, ‘honesty bar’ and ‘fully stocked pantry for our guests pleasure’ tick your boxes then this is the place for you.

We had such a lovely relaxing evening accompanied by home made chocolate cake (YUM), lashings of tea, cheese and biscuits, and sipped a quality chardonnay from the honesty bar as we watched the sun go down, pitch perfect for me.  Debbie’s home made muesli for breakfast and happy eggs from the chickens on the farm topped it off, heaven.

Heavenly with the small exception that the entire cast from C4’s MBFGW were parked up on common ground close by in order to ‘commute’ to the Appleby Horse Fair…..my timing is impeccable bloggers  🙂 No matter! We carried on regardless and let’s face it, it’s classic dinner party stuff to bore our friends with.

Definitely a place I would recommend and here is Debbie’s home made muesli recipe which she kindly shared with me. Forget your Dorset Cereals and your Jordans, this is the muesli for you!

Debbie’s home-made Muesli

40g / 1.5oz pine kernels
75g / 3oz  sunflower seeds
85g / 3.5oz hazelnuts
50g / 2oz banana chips
110g / 4oz sultanas
35g / 1.5oz pumpkin seeds
50g / 2oz dessicated coconut
75g / 3oz wheat flakes
110g / 4oz porridge oats
110g / 4oz clear honey
70ml / 2.5 floz sunflower oil

Pre-heat the oven to 220c/425f.
Toast the pine kernels in the oven for 5-10 mins (be careful because they burn easily), then place in a large bowl.
Add all other dry ingredients to the bowl.
Put the honey in a pan and gently heat until it is runny, add the sunflower oil and mix together.
Add the warmed mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well.The muesli will keep for 6 weeks in an airtight container (if it lasts that long!).

So, on to Hipping Hall in Kirkby Lonsdale, it was ‘fairly posh’ as predicted and well worth a visit.  We had the Tasting Menu for dinner which was a birthday treat for Mr Predictable from moi.  It ticked more of our foodie boxes and as fans of The Trip (a recent BBC2 series) it was very cool sitting on the sofa that Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan had sat on.  Dinner was great, it lasted about 3 and a half hours….all 8 courses…or was that 9 if you count coffee?…..and we retired to bed relatively stuffed (him), fit to burst (me).  A great find if you’re in the Kirkby Lonsdale area, footballers wives were ‘go’ but somehow Mrs Monkfish fitted in a treat ha ha!

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