Saturday lunchtime, as ever we are on the lookout for a new eaterie that will tickle our tastebuds and live up to the esteemed reputation of our all time favourite weekend lunch spot Broughton Deli.  Myself and Mr Predictable have frequented Broughton Deli so many times that we have become part of the furniture and are on first name terms with the staff.   If we go again this weekend I’m thinking of taking my pinny and marigolds and settling in for a shift….

I digress, Saturday past we found ourselves at a new wee lunch spot, the Earthy Foods cafe aptly named ‘YUM’ at Earthy Foods, Ratcliffe Terrace, Edinburgh.  Newly opened downstairs (the previous incarnation of the cafe upstairs is about to become the first organic butchery in Edinburgh – opening this weekend, you heard it here first….) the cafe is bright and spacious with an eclectic mix of tables and chairs and vintage lamp shades, am liking their style.  Newspapers scattered around for customers to read (Guardian readers will be happy), the atmos is very chilled.  Decor and ambience aside, onto the food….

STOP, do not pass GO, do not collect £200, there is a cake selection from heaven on offer here and they all look YUM.  We did intend to have ‘lunch’ here and not just ‘cake’ so I put my mind on the task in hand and moved towards the chiller counter….the cakes will be there later….hopefully…
Lovely offerings are to be had ranging from smoked mozzarella and ham paninis, roasted vegetable foccacia, organic sausage sandwiches on granary bread, the hugest home made sausage rolls I have ever seen (Greggs really should give up now…), bowl fulls of amazing salads, quiches, soups…  Plenty of daily specials available scribbled on a blackboard near the counter.  There’s the added nice touch of a wooden block to put on your table once you’ve ordered aptly engraved ‘dig-in’.

So, ‘dig-in’ we did, panini for moi, sausage sarnie for him (hey, that’s why he’s called Mr Predictable….), delivered to the table on wooden boards with cutlery and a small side salad, delish.  We washed it down with a frothy coffee  up there with the best of them.  A very relaxed lunch indeed, shared with a variety of organic food shopping customers, everyone duly satisfied.  We’ll be planning a return visit very soon to sample the other delights AND some cake, too full after my panini, gutted!
Earthy Foods is 3 years old this weekend and has plenty of events planned to assist with the celebrations. much of them involving eating I’m happy to say!  I love it there, think we’ve found an alternative lunch spot at last.

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