For me, lunch is the new ‘going out for dinner’, what a statement! Let me explain… if you want to sample the more notable establishments in our fair city of Edinburgh then grabbing a lunch deal at a much reduced price is the way to go (they’re all at it, The Kitchin, 21212, Martin Wishart’s to name but a few). You can sample amazing food cooked by the very same chef that would cook you dinner and you’ll still have the bus fare home, everyone’s a winner.

So, there we both were, pretty much having the longest and most delectable lunch we’ve ever had in Edinburgh and it was all courtesy of the lovely Dominic ‘rising star’ Jack in his new-ish abode ‘Castle Terrace‘…

It’s taken us a while to get here (Castle Terrace opened in July 2010) but it was well worth the wait. The intention was to have the 3 course lunch menu (£20) with matching wines (£17.50) carefully chosen by the sommelier (he was french, natch). On arrival at the restaurant however, Mr Predictable proceeded to surprise me (crazy things happen) and before you knew it we had a ringside view of the kitchen and were sat at the chef’s table sipping champers and chatting to Dominic, how utterly fablis! Mr Jack has got it sorted, the kitchen was calm yet busy, he commandeered his staff like a true pro, and when he threw in the odd french phrase or two he had me convinced without even tasting the food… I felt like I had been elevated to the dizzy heights of ‘celebdom’, about time too bloggers, and I was going to use this opportunity to my advantage!

(I should perhaps explain that Mr P attended Dominic’s wedding a few years ago in France but that would spoil the story I’m trying to spin so I won’t bother….oops….)

A bit of idle chit chat and ten minutes action packed kitchen viewing over we were whisked away to our table to choose our starters and main course from the menu. What followed was pure culinary delight, I can’t put the words to paper to describe the flavours, so intense, so nom nom, so divine, absolutely amazing.

Without having to use our newly acquired ‘celeb status’ we were duly treated to a dining experience fit for a King and Queen, yay! Not only did we have an amuse bouche (with matching wine) we had a ‘pre starter’ (with matching wine), our real starter (with matching wine), an ‘in between starter and main course teaser’ (with….you get the picture…hic…..), a proper main course (slurpppp), dessert (mwah mwah), and finally coffee and petit fours.. We could hardly stand up afterwards you’ll be surprised to hear 🙂

Cut to the chase, here are the food pics….

Needless to say we had a fantastic afternoon, it was really really special, particularly as we set out to have a ‘light’ 3 course lunch and ended up with what was pretty much a 6 course tasting menu with some amazing matching vinos. An all round top end dining experience.

We will go back, hopefully for dinner, although we may have to save the pennies for a while, the a la carte prices are indeed ‘top end’ but with a newly awarded ‘Rising Star’ from Mr Mitch you can see why. Treat yourselves soon, you’ll love it.

August 2011, update….food blogging friends The Critical Couple visit and review The Honours….read it here…

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  1. Ooooh it sounds FABULOUS darling!
    While I’m here, may I have your autograph?!

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