Of late this blog mostly seems to have been about cake….OK OK, I hear you, it’s been ALL about cake – so I thought I’d finish the ‘ongoing theme’ off nicely (for a while) with a review of Mimis Bakehouse, the new ‘cake kid on the block’ down in lovely sunny Leith.

What better way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon than with a pot of tea or two…….a slice of cake (or two?) and a good old chinwag with the ladies?  We sure know how to ‘act ourselves’ as the lovely lancashire lad Mr Predictable describes our leisurely (read ‘cake chomping’) activities….

I’ve now visited Mimis a couple of times with different cake-eating-partners and all have agreed that it’s ‘up there with the best of them’ in terms of service (Mum, aka Mimi creating the cake masterpieces as well as other delectable delights, Dad and daughters working front of house), the quality of the baking (high on my agenda) and the value for money.  A pot of tea and a slice of the finest Victoria sponge will set you back around a fiver, you can’t grumble with that.  If you’re a tea-fan then you’ll be delighted to know that Mimis use Tea Pigs tea bags, a quality brew.

The viccy sponge that I chomped down the other weekend was sooo deliciously nom nom, my plate was empty within minutes bloggers, you are dealing with a cake professional here (but you should know that already!).  The other ladies wolfed down, ahem, I mean nibbled on, one huge slice of chocolate cake (see pic!) and a rather fruity berry pavlova, both of which I was assured were ‘AWESOME’ – we are just so refined!  Save the dainty china for us, you know who you’re dealing with!

Do pay Mimis a visit soon, well, maybe not too soon, Mr Predictable offered to take me to lunch the other Saturday and the queue was out the door, mmm, the word is out!  Lucky for Mimi but deeply unlucky for me.  I have reserved a table on previous occasions so take note to do that to avoid being disappointed.

They do offer other food options aside from cake, I know, totally crazy…..what are they thinking?!  Which includes – ‘Terrifically Tantalising French Toast’, Homemade Stovies, Hotpots et al but I’m always ONLY interested in the cake, and you should know that by now Monkfish Fans 😉

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  1. Totally agree with you. I’ve been there far too many times to mention and know all the staff on first name terms! I have no shame in going in and just ordering cake. My name is Alison and I am a Mimi’s addict 😉

  2. I have truly loved viewing this. Glad that different folks appreciate just how great a treat Scottish Hampers can be. We only started selling these online last year, and the feedback has already been excellent. I think that the love for high quality Scottish produce spreads quite far, and is a great advertising tool for the Country.

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