I’m declaring 2011 the year of the K-Mix (my shiny new K-Mix)!  Very assertive of me I know but if the Chinese can declare 2011 as the year of the ‘Rabbit’ (?!) and then delay said ‘Rabbit’ until February 12th then I’m getting right in there first with my year naming today, January 6th.  I’m not waiting another 6 weeks just to be different!At this stage I have to put a shout out to Mr Predictable who purchased me a lovely shiny almond coloured K-Mix for Christmas. Totally out of the blue – well, I say out of the blue but you can’t really count me repeating ‘I really would like one of those’ under my breath every time we walk through John Lewis can you?  However, my understated mutterings must have struck a chord with Mr P which bloomin’ surprised me (I know you are in shock too…), men aren’t usually that quick to latch on are they?

I digress. So, there it was, all shiny and new under the Hillside Christmas tree with the added bonus of a free blender (missing in action at this stage as one is required to fill in an application form, photocopy the receipt, post it to Kenwood blah blah blah) therefore I eagerly await….but anyway, here is the mighty K-Mix!

I am extremely and overly chuffed with my new toy and funnily enough so is Mr P particularly as he will reap most of the rewards.  Now then, most of us want to play with our new toys immediately after opening I know but due to the fact that we have a) both put on ten kilos over the festive period and b) ‘Nige’, my lovely Christmas cake is still only half eaten (criminal) and c) we have a pantry full of christmas chocolate (YAY!) I have somewhat delayed the ‘playing with’ but fully intend to put amends to that this weekend.

Coming up on this blog soon, ‘Lemon Meringue Pie’, Mr P’s ABSOLUTE favourite and yet another classic recipe from Mrs Monkfish senior.  Let battle commence my lovely K-Mix, we are going to be very good friends this year and if Mr P plays his cards right he might even get a present from the two of us every week, watch this space, I’m on a mission to post my delights weekly this year!

3 responses to “2011, THE YEAR OF THE K-Mix, IT’S OFFICIAL!

  1. Mmm left-over Christmas cake sounds fab. Did you see the
    Nigel Slater drama, Toast, on the BBC during the hols? Lots of
    lemon meringue angst involved – a good one to look up on catch up
    as you eat the pie…

  2. I have to say, I am a kitchenaid kind of girl, but I am feeling the KMix love daaaaaaahling. Can’t wait to see your lemon meringue pie.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    *kisses* HH

  3. Hi! Thanks for liking one of my posts as it has led me to your blog. I LOVE it! Loving your little fish motif. I am developing strong connections for my new Kenwood too, so I am with you there also. Your photos are great, think it is going to make me download the tilt shift generator. *clicks subscribe button*

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