MY DATE WITH @puddingface …

Ok, it’s the little things in life that make me happy (you should know that by now…) and that includes my daily twitter fix with my new ‘friends’ – @puddingface, @porridgelady, @sueperkins, @jamandcream, @rivercottage, @Happy_Appetite, @ginandcrumpets, @meemalee to name but a few.  All of my twitter ‘friends’ have one thing in common with me….FOOD.  Surprised?! Don’t be…

For those of you who haven’t ventured into twitterdom then it’s never too late.  You can follow people who have a) never been your friends; b) are never likely to be your friends; c) may befriend you (WOOHOO) if they find you ‘interesting’; and best of all d) you won’t ever want to ‘unfriend’ them in the way you want to unfriend people on facebook who you haven’t seen since you were 13 and have no inclination of ever meeting up with them ever again because what have you got in common with them now you are in your 40’s?!

oops, small rant about facebook over…

Cut to the chase…I am glowing because I now have 78 followers on Twitter, I RULE.  More importantly I am glowing because every now and then a ‘real celeb’ twitters me back! The unreachable become your new best friend. And if that twitter happens to be from the world of food then I glow even more.

Check this out:

So there you have it, Dhruv Baker (winner of Masterchef 2010) is twittering me (!!)along with Gregg Wallace (mr pudding face himself), John Torode and Lisa Faulkner. Not for any particular reason other than I commented on their appearance at the Good Food Show Glasgow the other weekend and he thought it was good enough to tweet back.

I LOVE TWITTER. I love the fact that our tele-tubby masterchef dessert obsessed ‘friend’ calls himself Pudding Face, I love the fact that in 140 characters (or less) you can reach the ‘unreachable’, I love telling you what Mr Predictable is eating (even though you already know).  Please follow me @Hilsters 😉

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