Primrose vanilla cupcakes….with the help of a mini baker

I’ve had a hectic morning today with a brilliant mini baker, 12 vanilla cupcakes and some CRAZY blue icing!  Cupcake of choice was the Primrose bakery vanilla sponge with some freestyle blue icing and various ‘sprinkles’!  Little T was cracking eggs at 10am and by 11.30 job was a good’un.  We had a brilliant time and I’m going to book him in again for another dozen.  He was kind enough to let me keep 3 of the 12 for Mr P who washed them down (all at once) with a cuppa before lunch 🙂  Happy days.

the bake off begins

The mini baker!

sprinkles are go

2 responses to “Primrose vanilla cupcakes….with the help of a mini baker

  1. A top morning had by all what a dream baking team

  2. Thanks Mrs T’s mum, I thoroughly enjoyed it, am still sweeping up ‘sprinkles’ a week later 🙂

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