The secret master baker…..

Well bloggers, you just never know what secrets some people have till they spring a culinary surprise on you!!
In the midsts of the corporate world I spend much of my time in surprises of the edible kind bring a sense of welcome relief from the number crunching….

On Thursday at said ‘lovely work place’ a colleague delighted us all with his (yes, ‘his’) sun dried tomato loaf! Wow, double whammy, baking….and baking by a man! I know what you’re all thinking, men….cooking….really not that unusual? Well, maybe not that unusual in the world of tv celebrity chefdom but in our wee corner of reality in an office on Ferry road unusual is the understatement of the noughties!

The secret master baker has come forward and put his cards on the table! And he didn’t even cheat with a bread maker!!

The Secret Master Baker's sundried tomato loaf!

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