Marvellous Michelin? Too right!!

Can you imagine…….me and Mr Predictable ‘doing lunch’ (on a school day!!) at the Michelin establishment that is Martin Wisharts?! Well no, neither could we until a group of my friends gave me a Wisharts restaurant voucher for my birthday last year. I saved the voucher until the nuptials were done and dusted and we were in much need of a treat. So…..there we were, Friday lunchtime fine dining…and in the immortal words of Gregg Wallace, cooking doesn’t get much better than this!

Not much point critiquing the food as who am I to critique the Wishart!! It was rich, tasty and sublime, that sums it up nicely. Here’s the evidence….take it all in….

The bouche that amused....all 4 of them!

Scallops consomme

Game tourte with braised cabbage...YUM! might only be a mouthful but it was sublime...

Petit fours, now i'm truly in heaven!

Michelin dining done…and when the waiter announced ‘Madam, there’s nothing for you to pay, it’s all covered today’ in an extremely loud voice I felt quietly content that the other diners thought we were Martin’s special guests….reality was I’d handed my voucher in at the door 🙂


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  1. You’ll not find any of this elegance in Lancaster, let me tell you that!!!

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